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One-of-a-kind, like never before HALLOWEEN dinner 2020!

Dance For You family together…again…but with no dancing…sounds interesting, sounds brand new! Do you want to find out more?! Then, let’s have a look together…here it goes

Halloween 2020 for Dance For You wide dancing community as well as the current year of the extraordinary and not that much expected worldwide events is going to be remembered for good. No matter what the circumstances outside are, and thank God hopefully the worst is in the past already, the inside dancing magnet attracts our dearest students to gather and spend some quality time together, sharing the most common interests and ideas among the like-minded people. Fortunately, Halloween 2020 alongside Fogueira, the fantastic Brazilian Restaurant in Dubai granted all of us with such an incredible opportunity!

Hm, if these people, the ones we’ve mentioned above, hypothetically are the ones will do the business with, imagine they will become part of your life respectively, then they must be trustworthy, right?! The ones who might be asked to look after the pet while you are away or the ones you can trust with the keys from the car or even the apartment. Where can the-so-called-trust be checked?! Definitely at the common trips to unforgettable dancing competitions. The common outings at the unexpected place in any corner of the world, dancing and experiencing the joy brings people together, that’s what matters, doesn’t it?!

The dark pitchy night of Halloween party was brightened up by wide “contagious” smiles of the dearest students of Dance For You family simply because we seem to be the first dancing studio in Dubai, the UAE, who invited everyone to enjoy the scariest night of the year together at the nicest restaurant after a pretty long, tiring lockdown. Skeletons, mummies, draculas and all the other spooky creatures were enjoying their time, passing on mesmerizing smiles, no one could ever agree they were that scary after all but social dinner time was a grand slam!

The long lasting lockdown, the time when everyone had to live their lives in a sort of isolated way, communicating online, going through their life pathways by themselves for a while, for Dance For You community got crowned with a remarkable Halloween social dinner. That very evening people got acquainted, looking for mutual interests, exchanging ideas and making new friends as if they’ve been missing that a lot. Can you imagine? We couldn’t either, but are so grateful to everyone for making it happen, for making it come true, enlarging our unbelievable amateurs of dancing as well as spreading the positive vibes of happiness and joy. What else is there to be wished for, once our students are happy while spending time with the like-minded fellows in a warm and pleasant atmosphere?! As a team we feel so lucky and even dare to think we’ve written the next like never before chapter in a fascinating history of ours.

YES, there were no dazzling dancing performances, no dancing at all this time. However NO, it wasn’t boring at all, right the opposite. Surprisingly it turned out that people who share the same “dancing” hobby seem to have lots in common beyond such an energizing pastime. The whole life is ahead, against all the odds, that’s why we were so much eager to make mutual plans regarding much anticipated dancing events, dance outings, especially unforgettable dancing trips to various and unexpected corners of the planet where crystal clear spacious dance floors are calling even now, just listen closely.

That’s the future to aspire to but what about now?! The daunting night of 2020 was a perfect starting point of the amazing “dancing” track, bringing us closer to a magical, miraculous night of the year, a splendid New Years’ celebration – “Grand Ball”. You surely don’t wanna miss it instead start preparing for it. Still no dancing in public places, no big deal, individual dance classes are a true solution to it. When there’s passion, there is a solution everywhere!

Christmas party is just around the corner, come and join us, paving the fabulous way for the breathtaking party of the year together with the Dance For You family!

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