Here at Dance For You studio , we have a unique interrelated method of teaching. You will get familiar with our 12 Dance Programs which designed to give our students a good start off to a dance floor in just couple of weeks.

As we cater all aims and goals from the beginners till the professional dancers, we design the certain dance program as per the needs and enquiry from each particular student, to make sure that he will achieve his dancing dream in the shortest period of the time. We do have special customize and unique dance lessons for everyone.

The program we offer includes not only your private dance lessons, but also weekly Practice-Party-Sessions where you meet our other students , get the chance to dance with different partners and practice the moves you have learnt during the week under the supervision of your instructor, it also includes some complimentary Group and individual dance classes.

Regarding the amount of dance classes it surely depends. Since our instructors adjust their way of teaching towards your desires, abilities and needs their recommendations concerning the amount of dance classes also vary. As for dance classes students are expected to improve their skills in dancing going from one level to another covering various movements. It’s like never-ending progress with many benefits such as:

  • More fun and enjoyment of social life
  • Increased self-confidence
  • New acquaintances, new friends
  • Better health and physical condition
  • Social ease
  • Exercises
  • Being happy and making others happy
  • Frequent party attendance
  • Business reasons
  • Graceful posture, balance, rhythm
  • Shyness disposal
  • Stress relief
  • Standing out on the dance floor
  • Positive answer – Yes- to a dance invitation
  • Recreation or entertainment
  • Relaxation
  • A Happy self
  • Being forever young
  • Strong bones, lubricated joints.
  • A sense of achievement
  • Quality time to oneself or to each other

Dance For You studio offers packages with varied amount of classes (where you are welcome to obtain a VIP student membership card and have more advantages from the dance lessons or simple use our current promotions which changes from month to month and brings everyone more joy), it means the more classes there are in a dance package, the less is the price per a class.

Our instructors are professional certified dance teachers with more than 15 years of competitive dance experience, they have been dancing Ballroom and Latin American dances (which are 10 dance styles) starting from 6-7 years old - those are people truly dedicated to dance. Moreover all Dance For You instructors are trained to be brilliant teachers and therefore we guarantee our instructors know how your body built , how to teach dance moves step by step , how to help students improve their musicality and how to create each student's personal dance style.

We teach dancing for a long time, this is something what will stay with you for many years, ones learned, you will use it at every party, celebration and social occasion.

So, how much you are ready to invest in happiness and wellbeing? For sure, it’s something which you can never buy, but there’s still some chance to become more free and joyful not demanding much, because all of this amazing experience and a perfect time is waiting for you at the Best Dance For You studio!

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  • Tuesday to Friday from 01:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
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